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How to disperse and stabilize pigments

where h is the depth (or height) of penetration during the time t, - is the surface tension of the wetting liquid, - its viscosity, - the wetting angle, r - mean radius of capillaries, C - structural coefficient, associated with parameters of the porous structure, W - energy (heat) of wetting.. The wetting step of dispersing processes can be intensified by the use of wetting agents and/or ...


[The Problem of Second Generation Basket Mill] - Because the basket is held in the center of the mixing tank, the mixing is interrupted. For proper mixing, the mixing is done in advance or after grinding. There are times when the arrangement is carried out again.

Ls /gjd Series Basket Grinding Mill/emulsifier ...

LS /GJD Series Basket Grinding Mill/Emulsifier Inquiry For Pricelist For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.


1 = low viscosity, stored @ cooler temps 2= high viscosity, stored @ higher temps. NOMENCLATURE HFRS-2 ... EMULSION MILL • Colloid Mill • Rotor & Stator. EMULSION PARTICLE SIZE • Asphalt emulsion 1-10 Microns ... •Proper application is critical to …

3M Dyneon

recommended procedure as mill mixing, but the mixing time is shorter – 5 to 10 minutes – allowing stock temperatures to be in the 70°C to 90°C (158°F to 194°F) range. Comments Mill Mixing can be successfully and routinely accomplished under a variety of conditions, polymer viscosity and filler loading, including colored compounds.

Laray ViscometerLBN-Ⅱ_Shanghai Modern Environment ...

Laray Viscometer. Product Number: LBN-Ⅱ Brand Name: MODERNER Product Origin: China Purchasing Heat: 2578 Standard: GB/T 22770,ISO 12644 Laray Viscometer is an instrument applicable to determine the rheological properties ( apparent viscosity、pseudo yield value、shortness, etc ) of Non-Newtonian liquids (viscosity increases with shear rate).

Professional Industrial Disperser and Industrial Mixer and ...

Hydraulic Three Roll Mill. Digital Three Roller Mill. Horizontal Sand Mill. Baskets for Basket Mills. Get information now on products, pricing, technical support and professional services. One of our specialists will reply to your enquiry shortly. Alternatively contact us via the company details in the USA, in Australia or in the UK. Enquire Now.

Professional DIN Viscosity Flow Cup DIN 53211 - Precision ...

Product Description: Qualtech Products Industry DIN Viscosity Flow Cup – DIN Cup 53211 – is a precision Viscosity Measurement Cup designed and engineered in accordance with the German Test Standard DIN 53211 to measure the viscosity of liquid samples. This precision DIN Viscosity Flow Cup is precision engineered offering highest quality and highest precision.

Heavy Body Acrylic | Liquitex

The finest quality artists' pigments used in high concentration. Heavy Body Acrylic is known for its rich, permanent color. Our chemists use the latest basket bead-mill technology to bring out the best in every pigment. Tiny reinforced ceramic beads give fine dispersion, great color development, strength and brightness.


• Depends on the viscosity of the liquid • For specific time of mixing, the best mixer is the one that mixes in the required time with the smallest amount of power SCALE UP • Maintaining constant power per unit volume and

Dispersion Glossary - BYK-Gardner Dispersion Team

Basket Mill: Features a rotating basket to accelerate the grinding media via centrifugal force; there is also a grinding disc and the basket contains grinding beads to assist in the dispersion process. ... Viscosity remains the same regardless of shear or force. ... Achieved by adding the proper dispersing additive to prevent particles from ...

FRANLI wet grinding, dispersing & mixing manufacturer

Franli Machinery Co., Ltd, is a professional chemical machinery company, Our chemical machines include a bead mill, a three-roll mill, a basket mill, a high-speed disperser, a twin shaft disperser, a filling machine, etc.

Product - SPI Heavy Duty Impact Tester

Viscosity. Wet Paint Testing. VMA-Getzmann. Products For Lab & Pilot Plant. Dissolver. Explosion Proof Dissolver. Vacuum Dissolver. Dissolver for High Viscosity Product. Bead Mill. Basket Mill. Mixers and Stirrers. Homogenizer. Coil Coting Testing Device

Process Innovations, Mixer, Spectrophotometer, Mill, Color ...

An Immersion Mill (a quantum improvement over traditional basket mills) combines mixing and milling achieving maximum particle size distribution, increasing production efficiency, and producing extraordinary quality and profitability. Immersion milling is a revolution in processing technology that defies comparison.


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Horizontal/Vertical Grinding mill machine | Sunin Machine

Horizontal sand mill is a kind of horizontal dispersion machine for continuous wet production of ultra microns. It's operation process is to us use the high-viscosity pump, such as cogwheel pump, to input the well-mixed raw material into the grinding chamber of the main machine. The grinding chamber is filled with a proper quantity of grinding ...

DISPERMAT® Dispersers - High Speed, Explosion Proof ...

DISPERMAT ® CN dispersers. Strong and versatile dispersers up to 7.5 kW with electric height adjustment and the medium CN-control. Product 0.25 ‒ 200 liters. Power 1.1 ‒ 7.5 kW. Speed 0 ‒ 11000 rpm. CN disperser data sheet >.

Effects of amylose and amylopectin on the functional ...

The viscosity of starch paste is affected by the variety of starch, the preparation procedure, and the starch concentration. Generally, potato starch paste shows a higher viscosity than any other starches because of the polyelectrolyte behavior of the phosphate group on potato starch (Banks and Greenwood, 1975). ...

Advances in Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment ...

Hockmeyer has also developed lab and pilot-sized units that can be adapted to agitate, mix, disperse, homogenize, mill and nano-mill materials up to 500,000 centipoise (cps), according to Fulford. Notably, the systems can work under atmospheric or vacuum conditions, and the temperature of the feedstock can be easily regulated.

Products & Solutions - NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing

According to the slogan "Our technology - your success" NETZSCH business unit Grinding & Dispersing offers an extensive machine program for process-engineering, providing solutions for wet and dry grinding, mixing, dispersing, de-aeration and classifying. Long-term experience, continual development work, daily contact with our customers and ...

ACECHEM RESOURCES - The Expert in Grinding Machines ...

Acechem Resources Sdn Bhd (1089255-W) located at Kawasan Perindustrian Kota Kemuning is a marketing arm for the owners who founded a machinery factory in China, the factory itself is joint venture between Malaysian and China.

Basic Pulp Properties - University of Tennessee

Pulp Viscosity TAPPI CED Viscosity 0.250 od g pulp dissolved in 25.00 ml H 2O and 25.00 ml 1.0 M cupriethylenediamine (CED) CED easily oxidized by air so keep under N 2 Dissolved pulp solution put in capillary viscometer in 25.0oC water bath. Time solution flow between marks on viscometer. Viscosity (centipoise) = 1.052 x viscometer constant x

Easy-to-disperse Trans-Oxide Pigments_Zhejiang Genky ...

1、Product Characteristics. Easy-to-disperse Trans-oxide pigments have basic properties of transparent iron oxide pigments and much better dispersibility than transparent iron oxide pigments and especially suitable for plastics, inks and various coatings which have high requirements on environmental protection.

Products - Myers Mixers

Products. Reciprocating Mixers. Myers Mixers offers a variety of configurations for reciprocating motion mixers. While the shafts and impellers rotate within the tank, the tank is held in place as the lift cylinders are elevated and lowered, thereby creating a plunging motion through …

BYK Instruments | Home

BYK-Gardner develops testing solutions for color measurement, appearance control as glossmeters and orange peel meters, as well as instruments to analyze physical properties of paints and coatings.

Hyaluronic acid making equipment - Making.com

A hammer mill crushes aggregate material into smaller pieces; the most common applications can be found in food, c... GMP washer In order to guarantee zero cross-contamination between production batches, the proper cleaning of all product-conta...

Manufacturing for Quality, Performance and Printability

Basket mill Manual dosing Automatic dosing system. Manufacturing process. Why Different Grinding Technologies. v. 2. v. 3. v. 1

Technology of production of edible flours and protein ...

In its recent version, the FRENCH stationary basket extractor is equipped with a rotating basket bottom, to achieve automatic discharge of the baskets at the correct time and to render the extractor nearly continuous. The capacities of units supplied since 1975 for soybean oil extraction, range from 100 to 3000 tons per day.

Mixing and Dispersing Silicones - Myers Mixers

Mixing and Dispersing Silicones. Proper care during the mixing process ensures that time and energy input is minimized while the utility of the formulation is optimized. Just enter you email address for your free PDF file. Your Name (required)

Ball Mill Loading - Wet Milling - Paul O. Abbe

Common starting points for the viscosity limits: <1000 cps for alumina media <2000 cps for steel media The starting point for ball mill media and liquid charging is generally as follows: 50% media charge; Assuming 26% void space between spherical balls (non-spherical, irregularly shaped and mixed-size media will increase or decrease the free space)

Achieving Ideal Dispersions in Coatings

Apr 01, 2010· The basket mill concept has improved since its introduction in the 1980s. New designs offer improved productivity and even finer dispersion quality. With these enhancements and the proper pilot testing, coatings manufacturers should be convinced that a basket mill can produce the ideal dispersion.

All-round Horizontal Beads Mill working principle ...

Nov 01, 2018· All-round Horizontal Beads Mill is a continuous, closed type, nanoscale wet grinding equipment, and with high efficiency, high fineness of finished products, wide range of application, and it is the most widely used beads mill in the market.

MASCHINENFABRIK: Company - Niemann

More than 5.000 KREIS-DISSOLVER®,KREIS-BASKET-MILL® and KREIS-DISSOLVER®-BUTTERFLY are already successfully used in almost all countries of the world. Development, distribution and production are carried out by approx. 175 employees at our site in Melle/Germany. All machines and components are "MADE BY NIEMANN" / "MADE IN …