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Non-mineral metal and ore crusher in Saudi Arabia - MC World

Select Mobile Crusher Jaw Crusher Cone Crusher Impact Crusher Grinding Mill Sand Making Machine Sand Washing Machine Vibrating Screen Feeder. Application : Select Limestone River Stone Granite Basalt Marble Rock Coal Iron Ore Gold Ore Other. Capacity : > 650T/H 450-650T/H 400-449T/H 300-399T/H 200-299T/H.

How to Calculate Accumulated Depreciation | Sapling

To determine an asset's book (or carrying) value, subtract total accumulated depreciation from the asset's purchase price. After three years, the book value of the machine in our example will equal = $3,000 ($6,000 - $3,000).

Ehow cement concrete

Ehow cement concrete Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, Ehow cement concrete, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

Tools for Washing Machine Repair | eHow UK

3. Spanner wrench. When working on the transmission of a washing machine you need to remove the tub. The tub connects at the bottom with a locknut. Spanner wrenches fit over these securing nuts with protruding pins. Spanner wrenches look similar to a single propeller with a large hole in the centre.

How to Fix Leaking Washer | Washing Machine Repair

Disconnect your washing machine from the power source before beginning. Remove the front panel or cabinet of your appliance and locate your pump (s). The pump will have an outlet or drain hose, an inlet from the tub and may have a circulating hose outlet as well. If you have water leaking from the washer during a wash or drain cycle, check the ...


the washing machine manufacturers fix squeezer or winger on the top as an attachment for squeezing water out of the washed clothes. However, some of the manufacturer provide separate container for spin-drying. Another important factor is the type of motor used in the machine. There are two types of motors used.

How to Calculate a Machine's Depreciation | Sapling

Step 4. Subtract the residual value of the machine from the previous step from the acquisition cost of the machine that you calculated in the first step to calculate the depreciable base. The depreciable base is the full amount that the machine can depreciate over the course of its life.

How to Calculate Washer Capacity and Laundry Load Size

Sep 08, 2021· The Formula to Calculate Tub Capacity of a Washer. Use this equation to calculate the volume or holding capacity of the washing machine tub; assuming all measurements are in feet. Volume (cu. ft.) = pi times r times r times D. For the equation, follow this key: pi = ~3.14. r = radius (feet); remember r = diameter divided by two.

How much is a 30 kilowatt motor working

How to Convert Amp to Kwh eHow · For example for a motor that is 3.5-amps and needs 120-volts to operate the power can be calculated as following multiply the current in amps by the voltage in volt to get the power consumed 3.5amp x 120V = 420 watts/hour. Divide this value by 1000 (which what kilo stands for) to obtain the value in kWh.

How much for a used washer and dryer?

Mar 02, 2020· Thereof, how much should I pay for a used washer and dryer? For both types of laundry appliances, you will find a big range between the high and low end of the price spectrum. Washing machines cost between $250 and $2,050; dryers cost anywhere from $200 to $1,750. Secondly, is it worth buying a used washer and dryer?

How to Calculate Machinery Ownership and Operating Costs

trade-in or salvage value of the machine from the purchase price and divide by the number of years of useful life. The number of years of useful life will depend upon the rate of use for the machine and/or how quickly advances in tech-nology will make a particular machine obsolete. The time from purchase until the machine is worn out or technically

Design of Experiments (DOE) Tutorial

The term experiment is defined as the systematic procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect, to test or establish a hypothesis, or to illustrate a known effect. When analyzing a process, experiments are often used to evaluate which process inputs have a significant impact on the process output, and what the target level of those …

How Do You Determine the Age of Your Maytag Washer?

Apr 05, 2020· If a receipt or other paperwork is not available, the age of a Maytag washer can be found by looking at the serial number. The last two characters of the 10-digit number indicate the year and month of manufacture. A Maytag washer serial number is 10 characters long, with the last two characters being letters. The first letter corresponds to the ...

how to calculate amount of steel in concrete

How to Calculate Steel Quantity for Slab, Footing and . 2018/10/01· Estimation of steel reinforcement quantity for concrete slab, footing and column, beams etc. is crucial for the cost evaluation for the construction. Design drawings are used as a base for computing rebar quantity in different structural elements.

How to Find the Age of a Kenmore Washer | Hunker

If you're considering buying a used Kenmore washing machine, be sure to confirm the machine's age. According to a 2007 study by the National Association of Home Builders and Bank of America Home Equity, the average life expectancy of a washing machine is 10 years, so it's important to know exactly how old the washer is before purchasing it.

How to Formulate and Calculate Your Own Soap Recipes

In this video I talk through my method for formulating soap recipes. I go through all the details of the process (including how to decide on water amounts fo...

Recycling for Money: 7 Surprising Ways to Make Extra Cash

Mar 14, 2020· The price of aluminum scrap metal does vary nationwide, so it's best to check the average price – which at time of publication is $0.28 per pound – before you go. And, in case you're wondering, yes, there's an app for that. The iScrap App shows users where to recycle their cans and how much they can expect to be paid for them. Also, keep in mind that you can …

How To Determine A Good Used Appliance Price | Area ...

Apr 09, 2019· The amount of wear and tear endured by the machine and the condition it is in should always get figured into the used appliance price. Since how well you take care of an appliance can affect its lifespan, maintenance is another important consideration. Overall, a machine that performs well is worth more than one that does not. The current value ...

How to Get the Resale Value of Appliances | Home Guides ...

Dec 27, 2018· When selling used appliances, there are many variables that go into setting an accurate resale value. Before you list your stove, dishwasher or washing machine for sale, evaluate the machine and ...

GE Appliance - How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date

GE Appliance - How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date. To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not the model number) to identify the date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made.

How To Calculate Power Consumption Of Any Appliance - Lets ...

To calculate power consumption of any appliance, you have to multiply it's wattage by the number of hours it is being used (operational hours). For example, a 1000 watt electric iron running for one hour will consume (1000 watt X 1 hour) 1000 watt …

How to Calculate Machine Hours Worked | Bizfluent

Sep 26, 2017· Once you know your machine hours, you can determine how much it costs you per machine hour to operate your facility. For example, if your facility logs 6.933.4 machine hours every month with an estimated overhead expense of $18,000 per month, your facility costs $2.59 per machine hour to operate.

Instructions on How to Use a Coin Laundry Washing Machine ...

Step 3. Insert coins in the coin mechanism slot. Some machines require that you push the quarters in using a sliding tray. Different washing machines have different costs to operate. A regular washing machine may cost $1.50 to operate, while a larger, industrial-sized one for bedding might require $3.00 or more.

The 10 Best Washing Machines of 2021

Aug 26, 2021· The Whirlpool WTW7120HW is a superstar top-loading washer. This machine is easy to use and includes desirable features like 36 different wash cycles, as well as a 5.3-cubic-foot, stainless steel drum that is able to hold a king-sized comforter with total ease. It's lacking in both a steam function and CEE rating, but makes up for it with a Load and Go dispenser.

Electric Math - The Numbers Behind Our Appliances | PartSelect

Ampere (Amp) – The measure of a unit of steady electric current that passes a point per unit time. Horsepower – Several units of measurement of power equivalent to 550 foot-pounds per second, or 745.7 watts. Kilowatt Hours – Unit of energy equal to 3.6 megajoules or 1000 watt hours. OHM – The SI unit of electrical resistance between two ...

What Is Trade Discount Rate

What is a Trade Discount? - Definition Meaning Example. CODES (1 days ago) Definition: A trade discount is the reduction in price a manufacturer or wholesaler gives a wholesaler or retail when they buy a product or group of products. In other words, a trade discount is a certain percentage a manufacturer is willing to reduce its list price for wholesalers or retailers.

How to Wash Medical Scrubs for the First Time | Our ...

Jul 21, 2017· Set your washing machine to its smallest load setting and select your water temperature. For medical scrubs made of 100 percent cotton, use cold water. All other scrubs can be washed in warm water. Turn the washing machine on and allow the basin to fill partly with water. Add a small amount of detergent to the machine while it is filling with ...

What are the benefits of pressure washing? - Quora

Hi! The Exterior walls of our homes gather a lot of dust, dirt, and over time, become home to algae and fungus. High Pressure Washing is the best way to remove all loose dust particles, algae and fungi that has accumulated on the walls. This is ef...

How to Calculate Work in Process | Bizfluent

Nov 21, 2018· It takes two weeks to make a washing machine. At the end of the month, the company counts its inventory. It has 5,000 completed washing machines ready for shipping and 2,000 partially completed machines. Once finished, the partially completed machines will be ready for sale and will convert to finished goods inventory.

eHow (ehow) - Profile | Pinterest

eHow | Creative ideas to help and inspire you: home & garden, crafts, recipes, holidays, fashion, technology and everyday life.

Stowage Factor Of Washing Machines

Best Washing Machine Comparison - Reviews of Top 2014 Washers. Purchasing a new washing machine is a major decision ... Best Washing Machines Sorted by Water Factor . ... Most washing machines will allow you to ... Read more. stowage factor for copper - …

msp rate calculator for used mobile | Used Washing ...

LG 6.5kgs, fully automatic, top load washing machine. Condition like brand new. 5months old but used only 4-5 times

How To Calculate Drive Power For Belt Conveyor

How to Calculate Horsepower Requirement for Conveyor | eHow UK Divide the kinetic energy by the travel time to obtain the power in watts required by the conveyor belt. Note that a watt equals a joule of energy used per second.